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The September Beauty Capsule Collection: Dracarys

It only feels like the other day I was blogging about my August beauty capsule collection and doing a full-on dive into the world of minimalist living. Now, I’m putting the final touches on my September beauty capsule collection–what?! That’s right, a new month means a new beauty capsule collection. To review, here’s what criteria […]

Beauty Beauty Guides Ethical Sustainability

Beauty Capsule Collection For August 2017: Sustainable & Geeky

beauty capsule collection

A beauty capsule collection? What the heck? Let’s talk geek beauty, sustainability, and ethical makeup! 🙂 As I fall further and further into the sustainability rabbit hole, religiously reading posts on the Reddit communities Zero Waste and Simple Living, I find myself discovering more ways to incorporate new routines in my life that are environmentally […]

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Game of Thrones Jewelry: Where To Find It Online

game of thrones jewelry

Finding good, high quality Game of Thrones jewelry can be tricky. Either you can get something directly from HBO and hope it is going to be something worth the insane price or you can try searching the huge sea that is the Internet. Also, there isn’t as high of a demand for it in comparison […]

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A Huge List of Game of Thrones Everyday Cosplay Inspiration For Your Next Outfit

Game of Thrones Everyday Cosplay

Over the years, I have created endless style boards on Polyvore inspired by Game of Thrones. Originally they could be found all over past versions of my blog, but since most of the posts were accidentally deleted (along with everything else), I decided to create one GIANT list for Game of Thrones everyday cosplay inspiration […]

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6 Summer Vacation Looks For Fictional Get-Aways

Summer Vacation Looks Nerdjoy

Finally, it’s the season of the summer vacation, but sometimes the destination on your mind is a little too far away. Like, being completely fictional and you can only visit in your dreams far away. Literally. Sometimes those dreams can turn into reality if you’re visiting Disney, but what about those other wonderful places that […]


Geek Style Finds For Your Star Wars Day Outfit (And Beyond)

Star Wars Day Finds Nerdjoy

This is one hectic week for geeks. Not only do we have Star Wars Day on May 4th and Revenge of the 5th on the following day, it is also the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere on Friday and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Whew. But let’s take a moment to appreciate […]


How To Be Awesome With Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips & Tricks

Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips Nerdjoy

Your daily fandom outfits don’t need to be expensive in order to be “legit.” In fact, this blog is all about the thrifty life and I encourage readers to give priority to second-hand items before going the fast fashion route. You can be amazingly stylish with these cheap Everyday Cosplay tips and tricks I have […]

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What Is Casual Cosplay, Everyday Cosplay & DisneyBound, Anyway?

Everyday Cosplay, Casual Cosplay, DisneyBound Nerdjoy

The awesome thing about the Internet is discovering a community you absolutely, 100% feel at home in. There is pretty much something for everyone and this especially includes the geek fashion community. In fact, the community has grown so much that you can find many sub-communities such as Casual Cosplay, Everyday Cosplay, DisneyBound, and variations […]