An inclusive geek style community

Nerdjoy began as a personal blog in 2014 focused on all sorts of geeky related topics, from toy collecting to geek fashion. After awhile, Nerdjoy became entirely about geek fashion and beauty and worked with many beauty and fashion brands in the past to help bring geek style to the mainstream.

But most importantly, this blog is 100% a supporter and advocate of inclusivity, feminism, and equality. All body types, skin types, sexuality, and all the varying lives we lead are welcome. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty products are given top priority and so are indie fashion brands, especially if they are acting on ethical and sustainable practices.

The geek lifestyle is so much more than just buy-buy-buy whatever is put in front us and Nerdjoy will give a voice to that movement.

Joining a geek style movement

Mainstream fashion can still feel extremely exclusive with certain beauty ideals, making it difficult for most to feel included or even wanted by a majority of communities out there. We’ve all been there when shopping for a new outfit and being able to find absolutely nothing and not because of personal preference. We have also been ridiculed, mocked, or even bullied because of our looks–simply because they might not seem “normal.”

While some strides have been made by larger labels, it still isn’t enough. We are still seeing a preference for certain body types, skin color, you name it. It is time to make this change arrive faster, to become the new normal.

How does geek style come into all of this? Because it is already a community looking to be inclusive. All body types are accepted, all skin types, all walks of life. It just so happens that geekdom is a part of it and makes it that much better!

Whether you’re a comic book geek or prefer movies and everything else between, the geek style community is here for you. Because it is more than just about fashion, it is also about supporting one another. Feeling accepted. Thriving with fellow geeks. We just so happen to be stylish while doing it!

Looking to join in on the geek style movement to show your pride and support?

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The lady behind Nerdjoy

Hey, you made it this far down the About page, awesome!

My name’s Stephanie, or Steph, and I’m the lady behind Nerdjoy. What began as a simple personal blog has now grown into its own style website that I’m quite proud of.

I’m originally from Oceanside, CA but now live in Metro Detroit, MI with my husband, our four cats, and our organic backyard urban farm. I’ve also lived in various cities in Ohio, Florida, and Maryland, and have visited countless more.

When I’m not obsessing over new geek inspired fashion collections or beauty products, I am a professional digital marketing creative with a penchant for UI, UX, and development. Oh, and I watch A LOT of television.

Here are a few other random geeky facts about me:

  • I am a diehard tabletop gamer & GM for Dungeons & Dragons and the Cypher System
  • As a kid I wanted to be an Egyptologist because I watched the 1990’s The Mummy too many times
  • My 5 favorite Disney princesses are Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle, and Moana
  • Books about a game’s world, monsters, races, etc. are a guilty pleasure
  • I was one of those weebs with an at-home DDR dance pad for the PlayStation

Welcome to Nerdjoy and enjoy your stay!