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6 Summer Vacation Looks For Fictional Get-Aways

Summer Vacation Looks Nerdjoy

Finally, it’s the season of the summer vacation, but sometimes the destination on your mind is a little too far away. Like, being completely fictional and you can only visit in your dreams far away. Literally. Sometimes those dreams can turn into reality if you’re visiting Disney, but what about those other wonderful places that […]


What Is Casual Cosplay, Everyday Cosplay & DisneyBound, Anyway?

Everyday Cosplay, Casual Cosplay, DisneyBound Nerdjoy

The awesome thing about the Internet is discovering a community you absolutely, 100% feel at home in. There is pretty much something for everyone and this especially includes the geek fashion community. In fact, the community has grown so much that you can find many sub-communities such as Casual Cosplay, Everyday Cosplay, DisneyBound, and variations […]