How To Be Awesome With Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips & Tricks

Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips Nerdjoy

Your daily fandom outfits don’t need to be expensive in order to be “legit.” In fact, this blog is all about the thrifty life and I encourage readers to give priority to second-hand items before going the fast fashion route. You can be amazingly stylish with these cheap Everyday Cosplay tips and tricks I have put together for you.

Not sure what Everyday Cosplay is? I have put together a quick guide on Everyday Cosplay along with definitions of Casual Cosplay and DisneyBound. Check it out!

Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips & Tricks

Shop your local thrift and consignment shops for neat finds

Before you head to Forever21 or Hot Topic, you can save way more (and support sustainability instead of fast fashion) by checking out your local thrift shops, consignment stores, Goodwill, and vintage boutiques. You are bound to find incredibly interesting and unique finds that need a new home.

Most of these places also have loyalty programs so you can save more money on future purchases, get deeper discounts, and other ways to keep your Everyday Cosplay inexpensive. Get to know your local shops and you can start checking out their newest stock before it is picked over, too!

Check out the super awesome website ThredUp

This is my absolute favorite place to shop online for secondhand clothes now. ThredUp is like a giant thrift boutique with everything under the sun, including designer labels. ThredUp is always having sales, has an extensive selection ranging from a few bucks to $$$, and they have a loyalty program. Also, you can sell your clothes to them for cash or ThredUp credit so you can recycle your clothes instead of throwing them out. Win-win-win!

Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips Nerdjoy

Keep an eye on the sales racks at department stores & beyond

Breaking off the habit of buying new can be difficult, especially when stores are releasing new product all the time. However, a slight loophole you can try if you’re looking to go sustainable and kick fast fashion to the curb is saving pieces from the sales racks of department stores and other major retailers.

While I am weening myself off fast fashion, I will sometimes go through the sales of stores like Express, Asos, and even higher end stores such as Free People, Anthropologie, and Aritzia. Sometimes these places will want to move product ASAP and have a sale on sales items, which is when the real fun begins.

I see it like this: whatever sales items are not sold after that last chance are going to be pitched or destroyed altogether. That’s still waste that I’m not too happy to see and consider it “rescuing” pieces from sales racks.

Be a member of designer discount websites like Rue La La

If you have a little more cash to burn, then discount designer websites and offline retailers are a great place to start. Rue La La is a free membership-based one that I highly recommend because a) you get to go through designer labels at home and b) no need to wear pants while doing so.

Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx, and variations of those stores are also a good place to look if you’re itching for an afternoon adventure of hunting down cheap Everyday Cosplay clothing.

Stalk the feeds of Poshmark, etc.

Speaking of higher end labels, here is another way you can feel like a million geeky bucks without having to go in debt. Apps like Poshmark offer up an active community where you can both buy and sell your clothes, in particular, designer and department store labels. No need to go broke just to stay on trend (or make your friends jealous).

Other apps similar to Poshmark, without too much competition, also includes Vinted, Mercari, and Depop. Or if you really want to go old school, there is always Craigslist.

Cheap Everyday Cosplay Tips Nerdjoy

Attend a local clothing swap (or host one yourself with friends!)

If you want to keep it super local and inexpensive, you can attend or host a clothing swap with friends and family. A clothing swap is exactly what it sounds like: you bring old clothes you no longer wear frequently to be swapped with other pieces, like a big ol’ bartering market but with more booze.

Or, alternatively, since being social sometimes suck you can find the virtual version of a clothing swap online, especially through Facebook groups. Another super awesome swapping website is Swap.

Create a “Fashion Fund”

As human beings, we are hardwired to want to be included in things and fear missing out on what others happen to be doing or experiencing. This can put us in a precarious situation when it comes to chasing the latest fashion collections or newest pieces coming out and trying to “keep up” with our peers. Sometimes, or rather all the time, you should budget and make sure you don’t bust your bank account with impulse buys!

I mean, I should probably be the last person telling you that but we can all change, right?

Instead of giving in to impulse purchases, create a separate “Fashion Fund” so you can splurge on yourself. Make it a game: when you accomplish certain goals in life, add to your Fashion Fund and before you know it, you can easily afford that amazing new Elhoffer, Chanel, or whatever you’re coveting lately.

Upcycle/recycle old pieces

If you got a crafting itch, why not raid your closet and update current pieces?

Cheap Everyday Cosplay inspiration could be right in your closet, but in those pieces that are hiding in the back and don’t see much sunlight. Instead of hoarding clothing (ahem, super guilty!), grab those scissors, sewing machine, sequins, whatever you’ve got, and start updating! Create the latest trends with older pieces to give them new life and keep your bank account super happy.

Looking for some tutorials to get you started? Try stalking the archives of Civilian Style.

Remember, you don’t have to go broke trying to chase the latest and greatest in geek fashion or think it makes you a more legit fan. For the longest time there wasn’t even a real geek style community to even be part of and many outfits had to be pieced together from various brands or made from scratch completely. If anything, being a thrifty stylish geek is totally OG!

What are some of your personal cheap Everyday Cosplay tips?

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