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Why We Need More Of The Hero Within Wonder Woman Jacket In Our Lives

Hero Within Wonder Woman

The online world can be a strange beast. Entire online movements have the power to change something for good or bring it down altogether, and sometimes, it can be a super annoying platform that makes you sigh heavy and roll your eyes into oblivion. The Hero Within Wonder Woman jacket is a good example of […]

Beauty Fashion

A Clean Slate, Or: How My Old Posts Are Now Lost Probably Forever

Nerdjoy Clean Slate

You might have noticed the URL for the blog has changed as well as the layout, and hey, where did all the old posts go?! So much change! Aaah! It’s okay. We’re good. Well, sort of… To begin this kind of long story, I have wanted to “rebrand” Nerdjoy for the millionth time, but this […]