Geek Style Finds For Your Star Wars Day Outfit (And Beyond)

Star Wars Day Finds Nerdjoy

This is one hectic week for geeks. Not only do we have Star Wars Day on May 4th and Revenge of the 5th on the following day, it is also the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere on Friday and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Whew. But let’s take a moment to appreciate May 4th, shall we?

Star Wars Day is the perfect time to partake in some Everyday Cosplay, DisneyBound, or completely go all out with a full cosplay. Besides HerUniverse, TeeFury, and the other usual suspects when you need to outfit yourself in Star Wars swag, where else can you find goodies? Here are some shops and designers you can support for May 4th.

Elhoffer Design

What’s there not to love about these pieces? You bet I would buy the entire Galactic Royalty collection if I didn’t have silly things like bills, rent, and a car payment. My favorite, in particular, is the Galactic Dusk poncho because the costume it is based from is one of the best designs in the entire Prequel Trilogy. But quite honestly, everything with the Elhoffer label is going to be amazing.

Loungefly Handbags

Their products can be found in Hot Topic, but Loungefly is an independent label that can be found elsewhere and has its own website you can order directly from, so I’m keeping them on this list. The Loungefly Stars Wars collection ranges from backpacks to dainty coin purses for just about any outfit out there. And holy moly, are the handbags cute. Like, you might find yourself collecting Loungefly like it ain’t no thang instead of just buying one type of cute.

Le Fancy Geek Boutique

Keep your most favoritest Star Wars characters close to your heart with a necklace from Le Fancy Geek Boutique! Absolutely love the feminine backdrops used in these pendants, too. Grab something unique–and fancy–for your everyday Star Wars outfits at the online shop!

Love and Madness

Oh, Love and Madness, you’re so good to us fans. Their jewelry collection for everything Star Wars related is absolutely a must-have in your collection. The best one in my humble opinion? Their wrap bracelet featuring the scrolling text–in its entirety!–from A New Hope. Aaahhh!

Utinni Bikini

Dresses, tops, skirts, you name it, UtinniBikini has got you covered for Star Wars Day and beyond. Their Etsy storefront is quite honestly a Disnerd’s best friend, not just for Star Wars merch. The Jawa swimsuit? Love. Every version of Padme’s lake gown? Dying.

Mary Janes Originals

Mary Janes Originals is after my heart with her designs. Her clothes are upcycled, using vintage and thrifted items. For example, this hella amazing Empire Strikes Back cut-off denim jacket using original Star Wars bedsheets and curtains in the design gives me heart-eyes emoji IRL.

Design By Humans

Okay, okay, they aren’t exactly “indie,” but I wanted to give you an alternative to TeeFury just in case you can’t find something there. Design By Humans has an expansive collection of Star Wars t-shirts on their website just waiting to make your friends (and strangers) jealous. Why not give it a peruse?

There are so many shops out there with amazing and unique finds for everything Star Wars Day, but this list hopefully gives you a starting point. If you do have other recommendations you’d like to share that aren’t on here, give a shout out in the comments section for everyone to see.

And, of course, may the Force be with you.

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